Weight Distributing Trailer Hitch Installation and Storage Dolly

Copyright James McConn. All rights reserved.


These heavy pieces

of the typical weight distributing hitch weigh about 70 pounds!

Tired of carrying all that heavy, awkward equipment commonly know as the "Weight Distributing Trailer Hitch" back and forth to your tow vehicle?  Do you waste time looking for missing pieces?

Years ago I didn't mind rounding up all that junk and carrying it to the truck.  The anticipation of a boat ride made it all worthwhile!  Now, thirty years later hooking up our travel trailer I'm either weaker or smarter but I find it more challenging.  Actually a pain in the A$%!

Recently retired with the time to enjoy our trips to the beaches and local mountains we find hitching up not only more difficult but more frequent than ever.  With nearly forty years inventing and building specialty tools for "in house" use by several companies it came to me...why am I doing all this donkey work? 

That was it!  My lovely wife of forty five years, Barb, and I set out on a mission - to eliminate this unpleasant task from our pre-trip checkoff list. 

We are so happy with the results we decided to build some for others!